Have you tried Crystal Clear IPTV?


Have tried Crystal Clear IPTV for Trial period. It works quite well. Has a lot of channels that work including local channels. EPG not the best that I have seen. Has anybody else tried or uses it. Comments would be appreciated.


Do they have a good selection of iFollow channels for UK football?


I trial’d them too. Not bad at all IMO. Decent channel selection, fairly stable streams, didn’t check out the sports that much.


Been using cc media for about 5 weeks, epg works for us channels, 24/7 channels are awesome but 480p and lots of buffering, tv series works well, vod is good choice but have been kicked out after watching 10-15 minutes of movie, kind of frustrating. Over the past 4 days have had buffering issues with channels in tv section. Overall pretty good, hope the buffering clears up as it did in first 4 weeks of using service


I am having Crystal Clear for 1 week. Having lots of problems with Movies & Series. Most of them do not work.
Hopefully they will improve but at the moment not getting value for money.


I run into dead-channels pretty often. Of the channels that do play, I get buffering on most.
I had heard good things about the service but have been pretty disappointed so I would advise you to look elsewhere.


I have had my Crystal Clear IPTV for about 3 weeks. Am having a lot of problems viewing channels as it is continue to buffer and every 2 - 3 minutes it drops out and goes back to the menu screen.Not happy with them.Their trial was very good with Live TV but Movies & Series did not work.


I liked their free trial so I ordered 6 months for $55 on Sat and received an order confirmation that my invoice was paid but status Pending. I opened a ticket on Sunday but no response. Now it’s Monday and still no service nor email from them.

“With reliability, quality, and unparalleled customer service, our operators are available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That’s Right! 24/7!” Not true

"For customer support or FAQ please visit “link” Firefox browser “unable to connect”

Crystal Clear Media also offer XstreamZ iptv, maybe others as well.

Edit: They just replied and I now have service.


Well, it gets worse. They screwed up my account when I initially paid. After trying their free trial I ordered 6 month service with 2 connections for $55. However, they applied it to the free trail so my 6 month service has error msg “user not found”, while my 24 hour free trial is valid for 6 months.

So now I only have 1 connection available, not the two that I have paid for. Their customer service is quick to reply but ignores their mistake and has yet to solve the problem. They seem to believe that their FAQs and knowledge base is all the customer needs.