Help with IPTV box and Provider

Hello all,

I am very new to this as I too need to stop paying too much money to ■■■ and BT sports.

I live in the UK have Virgin Media fibre optic super fast up to 200 mps and using Ethernet cable but have the option of wifi.

My VPN provider is Express VPN. MY TV set is Oled C6 55 inch that comes with a smart TV

I would like a recommendation for which box to get to suit my needs which are streaming live football including premier league, la liga, serie A, ligue 1, Bundesliga and champions league in HD or hopefully 4k.

I also love watching films and TV shows again in HD or 4k preferably from 720p upwards.

I am not into gaming at all so would like a recommendation for the best box out there that will be value for money regarding my needs.

I have heard of Nvidia shield 2017 preferred to 2019 version as the latter reportedly does not have an HDMi cable slot.

I have heard about mag series, Amazon firestick 4k and Formuler Z8 so which 1 should I pick based solely on quality and stability to suit my needs.

Then there is the question of picking IPTV provider which from my research is proving troublesome as all of them seem to have issues ranging from being okay at trial then crap after a certain period, refund issues, terrible customer service and unreliability from time to time.

I have heard about Helix, Iconic streams and some that I read briefly on here.

It is important that these providers accept paypal as I never use my card to pay to companies that I do not know talk less of paying to companies that provide a service that is not 100% legal.

I have come to accept that perhaps they will have some little issues but I’d like as little buffering as possible during Live games, reliability as in not jumping from 1 program to another or like 1 that I trialed during the Manchester United vs Liverpool game that was about 2 minutes behind and at 1 time went forward to the 39th minute and a few seconds later I was in the 37th minute.

I’d also prefer the ones that do a monthly subscription because even though it would work out cheaper if I went for 1 year or 3 months even, the service might not be up to scratch and I’d be stuck on a longer contract than necessary.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for advice

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I can give you advice as I see it, I am sure others will offer you more.

If you are starting off, a Firestick is a great choice, especially with Black Friday discounts round the corner.

We offer both live tv, with all/most channels you can think of, and lots of VOD (tv shows/movies in HD & 4K quality.)

Best advice is try a few trials, and see what works for you.

Thank you for that. In terms of quality how does Firestick compare to Nvidia shield. Now everyone wants a good deal amd save a bit of money but if Nvidia shield is miles better picture quality wise then I do not mind forking about a bit of money for better quality picture but not if its just marginally better.

How does Kodi come into the mix as far as both are concerned?

As far your services go I take it you provide live football of the major leagues in Europe, champions league and internationals.

Do you have eFG and is paypal part of your method of payment please?

My tuppence worth, ignore Kodi it’s unnecessarily complicated and there are plenty of good Android based Apps.
Depending on your model of smart tv, there may already be an IPTV app on there such as Smarters or SmartIPTV
If you want to use one of the other free Film / TV scraper apps, you would need a box.
A box with a min of 4GB is nest to prevent buffering. Also, most play at 4K. It’ll be the provider that probably can’t or doesn’t stream 4K content.

I have Oled tv and I have already installed smartIPTV but I would rather use a box. It is which box to go for that I am currently wrestling with.

I am however leaning towards Nvidia shield as I do not mind shelling out at least once for a quality, reliable and something that hopefully has HDR as my current desktop doesn’t.

Do you know if Nvidia or any other box can record as in can I pre-record a program I KNOW i AM GOING TO MISS for whatever reason as you can with a ■■■ box?

Also as you seem to be a user and not a seller which provider/s is the most reliable as well as highest quality? I prefer the ones that allow VPN usage.

Have you tried Helix or even heard of them?

Thanks for your input by the way.

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I haven’t used a shield but I’ve heard they’re the king of boxes :smile:
I think it would be the app itself that dictates if you can record. An App I use that you can record with is IPTV Extreme.

I’ve heard of Helix, never used so I can’t comment. I use 4 providers, Firestarter who aren’t currently taking in new users, Nordic/Peoples TV, who are active on here and a couple of others. None are always 100% but having backup options, I’m always able to view.

I’d say take a look on here in the providers section, carry out a number of trials as I’ve found that some providers work better for different people depending on setup. Also if VPN is important (it is for me) ask the provider if they allow it. Not all do.

If you want an IPTV box say no more. TVIP 605 s is everything you want and need.

Why is that as I have never heard of this one? What advantages does it have over Nvidia and others? Thanks for your input

it’s literarly got everything you need. its so smooth.

I use a 2015 Nvidia shield and it covers all my needs and will be upgrading to the 2019 cylinder model.

Just to let you know the 2019 shield definitely does have HDMI and Ethernet ports so don’t let that put you off. However the output of streams on your TV is totally dependent on the source I e provider . Also using a VPN can effect the quality . There is a myriad of different things can effect stream quality so don’t just expect a full HD viewing all of the time

Best advice would be to buy a shield , and start trialing out some providers. Plenty to chose from

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Thanks is that app easy to use and another thing that I;d like to know is that I love watching films from different eras as well as TV shows both present but mainly past ones.

Are there apps out there on which ever box i decide on, increasingly looking like it’ll be Nvidia, that will allow me watch these in HD or is that another thing that IPtv providers are for?

Currently I just go to sites like Yesmovies, Moviesninja etc and it is very straightforward. You just click on the TV show or film and watch it.

Another bother is that the whole point of my going down this route is because of high costs of ■■■ and BT sports but if I am going to be subscribing to perhaps 4 different providers at once doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Thanks I saw a video on youtube saying that there is no significant upgrade of 2019 pro on 2017 and it doesn;t have an HDMI portal. Since I have no idea on these things as I have never seen 1 but some forum I went to did take his allegations very seriously as he seems highly thought of in that niche

Every shield model has HDMI so unsure where you got that information from.

Sorry my bad he was saying HdMi cable is not included but he did say it was not much of an upgrade.

I too did a lot of research prior to switching over to streaming full time, 2 years ago. I choose the nVidia Shield and am completely satisfied with it.
I agree with Smileyman (he always gives non bias advice), try a couple of providers that are popular on this forum. I carry 2 main providers and am always looking for a third provider to rival my top two.
Regarding cost, including the cost of 2 X nVidia Shields (for 2 TV’s), my savings, after 2 years, is approximately $2000, with far more channel options.
I do not use a VPN.

What nvidia is the better? the cylyndrical or the rectangular one !

The 2 I have are 2+ years old and are rectangular. The new version came on the market late last year. From what I have read it has some new features and some have been removed.

Formuler Z8 is the best iptv-box along with Tvip 605.

If you plan to use it for other things than iptv, a Nvidia Shield is the best option.

I think Xiaomi Mi Box is a great android box and cheaper than z8 and 605.

hello 12 month iptv just £30