Hi evry one πŸ˜€i loking for stream for parents iptv new Samsung they have shit internet

Hi are some can help or have good stream with full vod and USA chanels and UK?

Please test my service full USA, UK and the world. Large VOD and catch up service Free 36 hour test. I recommended they use smart IPTV app. Because u can set a large buffing setting for better streaming. The stream will be slower to start but will hopefully play better. Also I would recommended not using WiFi. If the TV is no where near the router. My customers use these with good result.

What be better like Smart iptv ??grom one to tv

Sorry what do you mean

Hi! I use a Firestick, I take it that’ll be no good for me, right? I mean the TP-Link thing.

Hi you would have to also purchase a earth net adopt. To plug into the stick. They are very expensive off Amazon. I brought a copy of eBay and it works very good. Link below

It is interesting but surely a Firestick automatically connects to the internet via wifi only & won’t recognise an ethernet connection, right?

TBH that what I throughout. But when I tried it work 1st time. I did not need to change any setting.

Parents speed is 20 to 21 are some one have good stream no bufor alll the time work in iptv Smart price

I can offer a trial for your needs mate PM me or email sittlad197@gmail.com for a trial and a years sub is just Β£40

Hi can i ask for test??loking for movi chanels and polish TV plus ppv i have Smart iptv