Hijacked threads

I’m seeing more & more threads being hijacked by providers selling their wares on other people’s posts.

Providers. Instead of hijacking each others posts, why not just start one thread of your own & stick to that. It keeps all queries and requests for trials in one place. Quality over quantity please. Just like your services. :wink:

Couldn’t agree more. I have said it previously, sellers and re-sellers should have their own section. This was originally a forum for IPTV uses to voice their opinions and advice.


There is the IPTV providers section. I have no problem with one thread per provider but when provider A creates a post within that forum section and providers B, C, D & F advertise their product in it, it dilutes the message for everyone and makes it harder to find the relevant provider info/Q & A.

In short, they’re helping no one, including themselves.

I do agree, there are a lot of low quality copy/paste posts from resellers. Flag the garbage and it will get cleaned up…

Man… Some of these people are crazy. No etiquette… I have paid advertising on Facebook and they will reply to customers when they leave a comment on the ad… Like if they can’t just run their own ads. Scandalous people.