I need a more reliable IPTV provider

I’ve reviewed best of 2019 providers and ran thru four m3u’s already in the last 8 months or so. They all say they’re very reliable but I don’t find this to be the case. I’m looking for 99% and so far I’ve found them to be between 50% - 75% reliable in terms of never stalling even for a few seconds. I might even take 90% if the price is right. Is there such a provider out there? I would be willing to pay up to $30/mo for m3u or m3u8 3-5 connection feed. Only need basic US channels w/ foxnews, a&e, discovery, fusion, nbcsn, mavtv, outside, outdoor. Don’t need vpn, movies, vod. Got sports covered with $10 ESPN+ account. I’ve looked to see if Sling, Playstation Vue or Hulu provides m3u connections but don’t find this to be an option. Looking for comments or research toward this objective.

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Stick to legit services…your expectations are too high.

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Just because my expectations are high doesn’t mean legit services will provide what I need if they don’t offer m3u streams. Perhaps the answer is “it doesn’t exist”.

On the Iptv world nothing is perfect you always gona have ups and downs.

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Come see us

We have a solution for your high expectations. We have full backup on every channel that you possibly looking for. So that answers your 99% uptime. And we normally don’t give out trials because of that. Also it alleviates people from asking for trials all day. You also can message from the link above or inbox this person to get a trial strictly for you. Let’s see how this go and this post should help other resellers responding to your post


Get a reliable IPTV on Firestick and watch it with PureVPN.

I have used Clearstreamz IPTV as my service provider and they have actually gotten better with time especially after the Xstreamz IPTV debacle; now I almost never get any more buffering and/or video stream freezes; and it is only $12 monthly month by month and like $85 for one year prepaid upfront; try it for a couple of months to evaluate to ones satisfaction and then renew for one year prepaid if one needs the prepaid discount; additional connections are available at half price for the second connection and if one needs a third connection for another TV that can also be had for half price for the third connection.

You’re best bet is to have at least two providers. (I have 4 and it’s still far cheaper than subscribing to all of the Satelite providers for all my sports requirements)

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any luck? I’m in the same boat stuck with substandard subs ever since crash. too bad cuz iptv is awesome and cable sucks.

Check out

Drop me a message I can offer you a trial.

I cover all us,uk, and international channels. All in FHD, vod, 4k and more.

I’m looking to get people on board and spread the word. I offer a full after sale support group as well and I’m fully active.

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Switched to another sub. Been much better so far. Cost is higher but will be worth it if more reliable.

EricBennett_BoddieSr I am interested in your service. Kindly PM me the details to proceed.

Been a devoted IPTV subscriber for 2 years now. I maintain 2 top notch providers and am always looking for the best # 3, no matter how good the last # 3 was!
Nowhere on this site have I found that # 3! Or have I seen my top 2 advertised. They all came from recommendations and reviews from various IPTV sites. To be fair my # 1 came from a recommendation from this site , but they are not accepting additional customers.
Check reviews. I truly believe real customers are the best reviewers.

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Concerning NoClue, It was hinted that I was being accused of being dishonest while asking about their Friday 13th trial. They also do not have an APK, which is a deal killer for me. And, I could not get the trial to work via clunky StbEmu.

Don’t run around here trying to sabotage no clue entertainment we have every APK you can think of, we have 5 servers and we are very well established. Here’s the thing you must have been an assshole that’s why you did not get a trial. Second your Mac address is locked with somebody else because you’re running around social media back and forth begging for trial and that person didn’t release your Mac address that’s why your Mac address doesn’t work on your clunky stb, its locked with someone else, and also the other little trick everybody knows. Get your facts right that’s not going to work trying to sabotage our business Trust and Believe fool and that goes for the rest of your friends or anybody else that’s trying to sabotage us. We know all about you trial beggar around here

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Everything here written by others and about NoClue and you is correct. As a multi-degreed decades-long marketer and business professional, I find your attitude abhorrent. I suggest you get into a business just a little less customer-facing, like garbage collection.

you are the only one bitching, your problem is you run around here begging for trials. You don’t know nothing about this because if you knew you would have known that your Mac address is locked. Stop begging for trials if you’re going to do that be smart enough to use different devices what a jackass , you wish for what we have going on here in New York City and other places, hate will get you nowhere

MarkN, I hope this will be of some value.

After my solid provider imploded like many others a few months back, I’ve tried in vain to find something on par. BeastTV didn’t do it for me. I didn’t need to find a new one after all; they fully recovered and are back.

Both below use an Android app, which is much better than an emulator IMHO.

They don’t participate here, possibly due to some sellers’ (seller?) caustic postings. I also found an inexpensive backup.

ExcaliburTV: $11/month US. http://excalibur-tv.com
Canadian mirror is $11 CDN (so about 25% cheaper): http://worldtvstream.ca
24-hour weekday previews are available for $1.50 on each; mine lasted 2 days. US, UK, Canada, sports, lots of international, catchup. Good response times and polite, even though I don’t think his first language is English.

Backup: StreamsForUs.net. $7 US per month. Not as robust with no catchup as the above, but good as a backup. Mostly US, Canada, UK, some Latino, sports. No European, Asian, etc. The international or US only are the same price.

Hope this helps.