I only require all UK TV, UK Sports-Cinema-News channels with +1 & at least 7 day Catch-up

Hello, I have tried four IPTV Providers now in 3 months and not one has produced a reliable IPTV service on my two MAG boxes.
I required all UK TV Channels in SD, HD & FHD including Gold, Dave etc. I also require all UK Sports Channels & Cinema channels, all with EPG, +1 & at least 7 day Catchup

I do not need the other countries services or Irish services unless this is the only option for providing one of the above.

I do not need XXX, buffering, loss of service, loss of functions, loss of EPG, latency and the inability to scroll through the available channels.


happy hunting and good luck

Hi a word from the wise 7 day catchup service will hard to find.

Save your self stress purchase a good VPN to access the broadcast own website. If you are not in country of the TV service you whish to watch.

Plus on Redditch you can TV streaming account cheap.

Most provide are slimming down there catcup service. Due to high cost of storage at data center.



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FHD,HD Streams available.

We are selling stable and High quality full channels.
We concentrate on stability,quality and value for money…
We also provide IPTV Subscriptions.

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exactly what that man said, we are removing a lot of our catch up for movies & series on demand! :clap:

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Come all Live UK and rest of the world Channels VOD Movies and Series

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just a question, but why do you need 7 days of catchup? what is it that you can’t make time for that requires a whole week?

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That’s amazing. I have tried many services here and most are very reliable.

May I suggest ditching the MAG boxes and get something better like a FireStick, TiVo Stream or Nvidia Shield.

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Depending on the model of your mag box, it could be your device that’s the issue and not the services. The older ones don’t have the modern codecs which will cause problems. Just a thought to perhaps try a different device

Hi, what are your prices? I’m looking for uk channels and sports plus adult!! I have a LG oled smart tv.

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Does your service work with Mag254 Boxes?

@Yookay yes of course

Please contact us at telegram id or email


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