Iconic Streams Down

Hi guys.

I have been trying to log into the website for over the last 12 hours and get the an error as per the photos.

I haven’t been able to use this service at all for that period.

They only support ticket through there website to which is annoying! Luckily I have a good back up, but if you pay for a service you expect to use it.

Does this mean they will come back online, or are they shut down?

Kind Regards


I am getting the same which is annoying as my sub is just up, However the service has been working with no issues.


May I ask how are you accessing the service? I paid my bill for the next month of service & I have not been able to access it since Monday on my Firestick or VLC media player.

UpdateL the website is still down for me for a few days without any notification what so ever. The service has been on and off, so I have gone to another IPTV to which I would of done a long time ago!

Which did you go to?

I went for the below IPTV’s as it is always good to have a back up :slight_smile:

Red Pill Media


Both amazing so far and please be aware I am not on commission or anything, just helping another user :slight_smile:

You can PM if you need anything else :slight_smile:


My service never stopped. my sub is paid, honestly it was an excellent reliable service, just their site is gone. I’ve no way to renew. so I’m hunting a new service.

Oh, you were one of the lucky ones! Have a look around. I go for IPTV services that has good telegram or discord support :+1:

Anyone from iconic who wants to move across I’ll do you a 2 connection standard server for £25 12 months.

Come and get it while im in a good mood :wink:

Biased, but we are bloody good :wink:


yes 1 week now need to pay on 28th june hope its back by then if anybody has news please let me know please regards alan

Telegram me for a trial mate (and anyone else who’s been left in the dark). Our supplier has 10 top of the range 20gbps servers and has been streaming uninterrupted since 2016.
Doesn’t give out DNS, m3u, URL etc or any details that could lead to blocks. Seems like they’ve had cease and desist order tbh, but that’s speculation. I’ll be going to bed soon but I will respond eventually.
Message me, have a £35 X 12:month promo offer on at moment.

I renewed a yearly subscription like 3 days before it stopped working and nothing works now. I can’t connect to the server at all to watch anything. Have emailed support but also no reply in about 5 days.

I think I’ll be processing a charge back with my credit card provider if I don’t get an update today.

I’m just realising that in May they moved servers. Does anybody know if the server hosting details changed at that time? If so, does anybody have a working service that they can provide server details for? I’m hoping the username and password remained the same.

I have the same. My service is up, but the main site is down. However I did find this iconicstreamstv dot com. The site looks similar but I do not see a client area. The monthly plans/rates see to be different as well.

Same here. But I’ve just suscribe to tje “new” iconicstreamstc dot com. Maybe it’s a scam, maybe not… Will see… :stuck_out_tongue:

Try using the contact information from the site iconicstreamstv site. They have an email address and whatsapp number to contact them . Maybe they need to get you setup on the new url.

Also. My Playlist uses a different URL. If you have your login info try setting up an IPTV Client (I use TiViMate) with this URL iconic-streamsDOTcom/get.php?username=YourEmail.com&password=YourPassword&type=m3u_plus&output=ts



Thanks for that info. I’ve reached out via the new website contact form. The phone number doesnt seem to be linked to an active whatsapp account though.

Thanks for sharing your setup URL also. Mine is the same but i get some weird JSON error when trying to connect. It was working just fine beforehand. I’ll just have to wait for a reply from support (or process a charge-back with my CC provider)

Give us a try offering free trials and only £30 for 12 months

Hi Wazza01,
I’ve receive a link from iconicstreamstv DOT Com some hours after my purchase, to downlaod an adroid app… It works, but there’s a lot of unavaiblable channels… Looks like it’s a guy that try to takeover The Real Iconic… I’ve asked for a refund… If it doesn’t occur, I’ll start a process for a charge-back on my cc

Btw, my Iconic-streams dot com if back… But not their web site…