Iconic Streams not providing service that's paid for

I have paid them 3 days ago for a line, entered into communication with them as far as my service is concerned and every day I send them a message , they say they’re having problems with middle ware and it’ll be sorted today, same answer three times now!
Anyone experiencing the same problem with this provider? I only joined it upon recommendation from this site.
Very disappointed with the service to be honest.

Allnighter, with my previous subscription to another IPTV provider now ended and on recommendation I too emailed Iconic Streams last night (12 hrs ago as I type) to register my interest and ask about alternative ways to be for subscription.

I’ve heard nothing from Iconic, which is disappointing. Going forward, makes you think what response times are we taking if your signed up and are having problems with channels/streams.

I got 3 month subscription with Iconic Sreams, it’s now been blocked.
Money wasted, only 18 euros so no big deal

Yea I just paid for a months service. Was working ok for the first 15 minutes or so but now completely been blocked from service and their website. Stay well away!!

Thats funny because i was unable to try the 48hr trial last night. The payment wouldn’t go through.

Which channels are you interested in? Maybe you will like my server. It is very stable

I just created an account to say I signed up for an account With iconic last week. Only to not be able to login the following day, I’m not able to reset password and no response to my email request for help. It seems I’ve been blocked from there site too. Luckily I only signed up for a month. Stay well clear.

Hi guys, sounds like I’m another mug who paid for 1 month service on Friday and now it’s Tuesday and still haven’t had a single reply from these guys.
Like others I cannot log in and also don’t get a reply when I hit forgot my password, they’ve blocked me.
During payment I was getting instant replies so thought all was good and now this.

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Why is IPTV insider still recommending iconic streams?? I signed up to iconic on the recommendation of iptv insider only to ripped off. Yet there december 2019 update still recommends them. Doesn’t say much about there knowledge of iptv does it.

They dropped me a note to say that they cannot login to their own console to add / modify users.

Not sure whether this is true