I'm Looking for an IPTV Provider

Sorry if posting a new thread for this is inappropriate, I looked for a general Requests thread and didn’t see one.

I’m looking for an IPTV provider.
Xstream codes or M3U only, no custom apps.
Association football IN SPANISH is most important but Latin American / International news is also pretty important and American / PPV sports would be great too.
Stable 1080p for the sports is a must and 50+fps would be even better.
Servers in Miami or Panamá would be ideal.
VOD’s, Movies, TV Series, Kids, Specialty Channels, and Porn are all of essentially zero value to me.
I have 2 devices at the same address.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Hi @Echo9000
You’ve got a PM.


Hi i am new to this forum. I am looking for these resellers that use tvpro.millenium-ott url. I dont know the provider.


Is it the one i asked about mate?

you can pm me then I suggest you.