In search of an above par IPTV

Hey everyone,

I am starting to be unsatisfied with the current IPTV I have. It buffers, loops, and freezes a lot.

What I am looking for is a service that has antifreeze technology with a server that uses the latest H264 technology. Also, I want it to have premium movie channels such as HBO, Starz, Epix, ■■■ Cinema, Crave, Screenplex, Cinemax, and so on. News is also important. It should have CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Cheddar news, Newsy, MSNBC, BBC World News, TYT News. As for sports, it should have Fox soccer plus, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBCSN, Bein Sports, ESPN+, Some Fubo Live streams, all the ESPN channels including ESPN 3 and ESPN Deportes. All the Latino sports channels such as TUDN, Bein Sports, Gol TV. Additionally, I want it to have UK and Canada Sports channels such as all the BT Sports, ■■■ Sports, and all TSN channels. The thing is, I watch a lot of soccer and news and my husband watches a lot of premium movie channels. Lastly, it should have News 12 Brooklyn, and The Weather Channel. The service should have a discord server for support.

It should have working catchup. I would say that 85-90% of the channels should have EPG. I’ve run into services where 20-30% of the channels have EPG. I don’t want that. And most importantly, it should support Xtream code for Tivimate because that’s what I would be using. I need a stable service.

If your service has the above, please DM me with an Xtream Code for trial. It has to have trial because I don’t wanna lose my money before testing it (that happened to me many times before).

Thank you very much!

Check your inbox I have messaged u

Thanks! I have replied.

Hi sir do want test my box i have two package pro and premium send me messages pm for iptvinside

Two premium services available on a deal currently of a year for £40 and £50 both have all over the globe and your usual sport/events plus VOD inc event on demand plz message at @secrettv666 - telegram

What is antifreeze technology?


Antifreeze technology is non existent. I suggest looking into hooterz or red pill iptv service.

Every iptv service buffers at some point even cable.


TAN media had (a big had :rofl:) it. If screen freezes, at that point the stream disconnects and reconnects to avoid the freeze. Wether or not this is a boon is debatable but that’s what it is according to TAN admin.

Sounds like might want a CDN service (Content Delivery Network)

With those you can ONLY use providers app

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Well buddy, ours is about the best service I’ve come across. We don’t do codes, m3u or disclose DNS or URL. You’d have to make do with our exclusive apps, of which Tivimate is not the best out of what we offer, no sirr-ee. Had 50k users online at once recently without a glitch. We don’t have catch-up for the simple reason it takes up too much disk space to justify its own being, disk space that could be better spent hosting something more valuable. Feel free to check some of our feedback. Our service does what it says on the tin.

If you feel like a trial you can telegram me here:

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Message me pal you might want to check ours out :slight_smile:

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Did you find anything worth sharing ?


The easiest and fastest way is to take a look into Gingerhd,Ho0terz,Wolfstreamz or Redpill.

For above par, in quality, streams ,check Voidmedia or Raw media 50.They’re both offering the same “raw”/ legit quality feeds.There’s a difference in pricing though.No catchup!

The smartest move, for above par Iptv, is to head east and check on the alibaba, and the likes of, sites.Best servers you could find there,like 4kott or Trex,tick almost all the boxes on your post,and are sold for a third of the prices that are being sold on insider.Support is offered through WhatsApp and not through discord though!

There’s no such thing as antifreeze!

It’s Iptv.There will always be some buffering.

Hope this helps!

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We have a stable service with the best support where those answering questions are the ones capable of repairing a problem.

We normaly dont do trials but send a pm and we can set something up.


trex is also on telegram


We have a above par service you might want to check us out

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Take it you haven’t tried NEW DAWN TV yet…no antifreeze (which is just an auto disconnect of and reconnect of the stream at the point of freeze to avoid the freeze. TAN, bless em, is only supplier I’ve noticed that has this, but which takes longer than the freeze :rofl:) but superfluous streams for UK/US/CAN/IR . But your spot on, IPTV is IPTV and shouldn’t be confused with sly TV. But it is what it is and if you find a reliable provider like NEW DAWN TV or the ones you mentioned above, bingo. 50k peeps were logged onto our suppliers servers at the same time one night recently and not so much as a glitch. I would however, recommend sly TV for internet so you can watch you’re favourite protocol provider :ok_hand:

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And on blacklist I learned recently by an admin who took out a trex panel :thinking:

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I haven’t found anything as of yet. I’m still looking