Informir Mag 322


I am new on your forum and i just wanted to share my experience lately with Mag 322
I have a subcription and by watching a movie on last saturday I just got a message saying:
Access to the wep page you were trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with manufacturer content protection and piracy precention policy. please contact your IPTV service provider for more information, my provider is fine and has no problems because he is in a country allowing IPTV, I am in a country allowing IPTV if you have a subscription which I have. Now let’s come to the point
This only happens with MAG devices manufactured by Infomir, so MAG 250, 254, 256 have no problems because not manufactured by Infomir
So all other Infomir must have a spyware in the devices and then they just do it with updates, and play a very dirty game, on one side , selling the devices and on the other blocking them…My suggestion is to check on your devices and desable automatic updates which I did but I guess there is maybe more than 1 setting to check
I am on my way to bring the device back to the store and I bought a new device Formuler Z7 which they say is top
I have a MAG 410 and this works fine because you can install all apps you want there and of course a VPN


I thought all MAG devices were manufactured by Infomir? Well my Dad has a mag 254w1 and he is not complaining. Why didn’t you go for the new Z8?


Infomir didn’t manufactured MAG 250,254,256, they are fine, all my neighboirs have them because I installed them for them, and this is perfect, some prblem come wit MAG 410 with 5.1 or 5.3 version (current) from 322 to wahtever, you better use tehm with. VPN, I just had pthe experience last saturday feb 9th
I went for Formuler Nanno and Z7+ because The provider told me that kthey are excellent and this is really true, love them, one is to stay in France


Don’t see Mag 410. Where can we purchase. Pl advise