IPTV Extreme Information


I am looking for more info on IPTV Extreme. Is it a separate iptv ervice?
Or does it work with an existing iptv service already on the device?
Also, looking for documentation on how to setup IPTV Extreme as a beginner.



It’s an app that plays IPYV via an M3u code given to you by an IPTV provider.

On its own it doesn’t do anything. It’s a powerful App once you’ve got an IPTV sub by what it can do, recording etc.



Thanks Smileyman.
I emailed Desert Streams and the rep had never heard about it, but, will be looking into it.
Desert Streams can record but only the program you have on at that moment.
I am looking for a DVR that works with my IPTV sub. Then I can completely cut the cord with cable.