Iptv fix? Please?

Hi, I’ve been using a provider before the melt down, but now I don’t seem to find a reliable one, despite the fact everyone says everything is OK. I’m from Portugal so Portugal channels are important and eleven sports crucial, since those are the channels I can’t access anymore anywhere. Also I watch a lot of NFL redzone and Canadian and UK channels as well as Brazilians. I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with a reliable provider with real working channels, not those 10k channels that only actually work 100. Also with PT, CA, US, UK, BR variety, working channels

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Anyone else knows something? Sport TV and eleven sports PT working, plus NFL redzone? Free trial to test please

Take a look at KTVstreams, they have US, CA, UK, Portguese, Brazilian channels listed as well as the NFL Network with Redzone and all of the NFL games as well as category for Futbol/Rugby. I’ve been using them for several months and am pretty well satisfied. There are occasional buffering issues but they are not overly bothersome and I have had much worse buffering issues with some other providers I have tried…They did, like most others, suffer from the melt down but to their credit when it occurred I received an e-mail from them telling me in detail what the problem was, how they intended to fix it from their end by switching to new server panels and send me periodic status/update reports. You may want to take a look at their service at KTVstreams.com, They do offer Free Trials however they are not currently accepting new accounts until they have their service panel problems fixed, but a visit to their website has a tab to check the channel listings so you can see if it suits your needs.The cost is $10 US per month. Hope this helps you out

Hi justiptv can help they have many channels for Portugal UK USA Scandinavia Arabic Asian loads of movies live football, tv series on demand catchup tv loads of stuff and a free 48hour test, but most of all incredible customer service you email them direct No Stupid Support tickets just direct access if you have any issues, they are best in the EU so time differences may take them a while longer if outside. It’s invite only so you will need to mention my name OK so mention mark and you seen it on iptvinsider

I think I might have forgotten their email for justiptv, it’s sales@justiptv.com