Iptv Norway ,Problems?

Geniptv in Norway keep buffering for som days now .Why?? Problems? I am new at tiis :slight_smile:

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we are allll goooood, thats why you should choose Nordic One when you looking for nordic channels hehe.

Also to further explain to you why, besides the fact that they were quiet an unstable provider as history shows, they were good about a year ago, but they’ve ‘tappad’ det som vi sajer har i sverige. - However, now it’s worse than ever and that’s because of the issues that occured about a week ago with xtream codes which about every provider is experiencing, however we as nordic providers are very stable.

Takker,du får en ny kunde :slight_smile:

hehe velkommen, varfor inte.

Ask justiptv for a free 48 test they should be able to give excellent service , it’s mem only so use my name for
The test: Mark and email the. On sales@justiptv.com