IPTV provider for UK


What’s the best IPTV provider for the UK and Europe channels?


I use IPTV KINGZ. I’ve been with them for over a year now. Great service, great selection of channels 5000+ and a great VOD library.

Not sure if i can post the link on here?


I provide uk , us, etc if you need test just ask and see for yourself £70 for a year sub with free multiroom ( up to 3 devices )no vpn needed ,


Where is your site? Have you got catch up on UK and US channels (not sport)?


I have uk , USA box sets which are always up to date … currently setting up website but can give you test .limited number of connections available to keep quality .


How can i get test? Do you need my mac?


Just sent you a personal message that contains details of url .


Hi EasyIptv, can you please suply the list of channels you offer?


Hi Inv7ctus, do youhave the list of channels IPTV KINGZ offers?




I’m settled with necro and have been for 6+ months. How can I check out your service/ channel list / prices etc. I have sub for me and my folks. Happy to swap if standard is comparable or better?

Thanks :+1:


Not my service, I just use them and they are my primary iptv provider(over a year). Follow the link there is an email address, ask for a test.

Highly recommend. :slightly_smiling_face:



I use iptv extreme app on fire tv box, how can I test your service please?


using smart iptv app trial please and price per month


Don’t know if it’s the best, but am streaming Sky Sports F1 at the moment using EliteTV. Looks like there’s 3 separate feeds for this channel, which is good since the first did not work. $5 for a single stream.


I use comstar tv, they have a lot of channels, you should ask for a test.


Hi InV7ctus, I am a newbie someone please help me clarify, what’s the difference between this IPTV providers costing £15 per month( epicstream, vader, area 51) and that’s of guys on Ebay selling for £25 per year.

I just got a MXQ Pro box, please what’s the best option for me that includes EPL, and also how necessary is VPN as per safety with the UK regulations.


Hi Larion

Check your PM.


Doesn anyone know an IPTV which you can record with MAG254?



I only know 1 that has recording but has limited channels.

Most have catch up so not really needed.