IPTV provider TiviMate compatible!

Hi, I require services which run on TiviMate Premium, through Xtreme Codes API.
I am not interested in any other player at the moment, thank you very much.
Must have extensive Canada/US/UK/German channels plus sports.
VOD movies, series and Netflix/Prime appreciated but no deal breaker.
Currently with Iconic, they have a perfect channel line up but non stop buffering issues.
Reputed sellers only, with stable servers.
Device Firestick.

Appreciate any recommendations.

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we use our own unbranded tivimate and xciptv & smarters that only needs username and password only
if that’s any good for u
resellers wanted Don’t delay! Message us today! u won’t be disappointed

great services resellers wanted

premium1 service here at media streams, we try to provide the best service for our partners and our members just over 7000 ch loads of backups channels

24/7 channels

no catch-up

best vod in the market just download our app for your Android or Amazon device and in minutes u be watching our service

6hr test entertainment only

£2.50 a credit min of 50 credits monthly big money can be made on the following packages charge min £500 each sub reseller for unlimited credits monthly

Cr 0 sub-resellers- £800 the first month only £600

Cr 5 sub-resellers- £1500 the first month only £1200

Cr 10 sub-resellers £2300 the first-month only £2000

Cr 25 sub-resellers £3500 the first-month only £3000

Cr 50 sub-resellers £4000 the first-month only £3500

Cr 100 sub-resellers £6000 the first-month only £5500

Unlimited Credits- Unlimited sub-resellers £6000 the first-month only £5500

works out u charge min of £500 for unlimited credits no sub-resellers x4 =£2000 a month

1m 3cr 3m 4cr 6m 5cr 12m 7cr

6 hr test no sports
£10 1 month
£25 3 months*saving £10
£35 6 months*saving £10
£40 12 months*saving £15

entertainment only
£10 1 month
£20 3 months
£30 6 months
£35 12 months
other packages available ****
if not no worries good luck
send us a message we get u up and running


Hi there. Here at Adrenaline, we have all of the content requirements that you’ve mentioned. We have SD, HD, FHD, UHD quality, and a huge dedicated sports section. However, we do not provide URLs to trialing members. Feel free to reach out for your free trial via our custom app in the video below. Cheers!

More info: 🅰 Adrenaline TV: Top Quality Service at Amazing Prices. Market Leader in Entertainment.SD/HD/FHD/Super Panels Available

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Interested in a trial, no sports ok.
Can I edit your hardcoded TiviMate to my personal liking, aka remove groups etc.?


You have the fall guy duke’s of hazzard andy griffith show on there

Hi @geissbockfan
Check your PM.