IPTV Review Zonictv

I have been using ZonicTV for a week and I have to said is one of the best USA IPTV service that I have tried. It also has UK channels and a few Canada but I’m focus on USA. The Image quality is amazing and stability too I haven’t see a channel streaming a wrong feed something that I been tired of complain with other services and channels down its very rare. I Think they need more movies and series but I have notice they have been adding some series recently so a good sign there. They offer 15 days to try it something I haven’t see in another service without giving my card.

Trial support per 15 days

Service Quality: 9/10

Price: 9/10 cheapest at $12/m

Website: 9/10

Players: 9/10

Channels: 9/10

customer service 9/10

EPG 8/10

Setup Time: 9/10 more or less 5 min

Do you have a link for Zonictv?

I sent you a message.

interested in link for Zonictv thank you

i sent a prive message

Would Stein3d possibly be a seller? If so how are subscribers to know, who are genuine forum readers, or just providers and resellers advertising their wares?
This is a real thing issue with me.


Please PM me the link. Thanks

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i’m not a seller, i only posted a review

Does Zonic have a “Catch Up” section?

Hello, zonictv don’t have “Catch Up” section

Hi, do you have a link for Zonic TV?