IPTV Reviews from users (not providers)

Is there a place to view other user reviews of different service providers? For the most part it seems to be just a free-for-all of advertising. It’d be great to hear from the people who use the services rather than just providers. I understand it’d be tough to prevent providers from shit-posting all over the reviews.


You can try reddit, there are subreddits like r/IPTVReviews (https://www.reddit.com/r/IPTVReviews/)


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Agree, reviews are few and far between. As suggested reddit pretty good and can use ‘review’ as a search word here to weed some out…

Reddit is terrible. Place use to be good and reliable, I haven’t seen a place with honest reviews. Most are providers or admins using a alias hyping up a service lol. Reddit has plenty with little to no post history.


reviews are going to be difficult as people are not particularly inclined to mention the names of services openly anymore. so what many will find is that the good services are kept quiet while the junk is reviewed negatively in the open.


So True!

As long as my customers are happy, I’m happy


you can’t here. if you review , then the providers will flag it.
as one provider on here does constantly.

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Reviews are handy but whilst some are accurate there is always fake ones. Very wary of the people who have just joined the forum and immediately left amazing feedback or the opposite and jumped in on bad mouthing a service. I believe these are fake profiles created to give false impressions.
Personally I always get a free trial and judge for myself. If they ain’t offering free trials to showcase there service then I stay clear.