Iptv scammer alert

If anyone is thinking about subscribing to REALITY IPTV ( www.realityiptv.com ) please don’t!

They accept Bitcoin as payment (how convenient for them) but DO NOT deliver any service.
Your order will never be processed.

Their emails go unanswered, and the phone number they offer for support is bogus.

Too late for me - but I’m hoping to save someone from the same frustration.


I can offer you a choice of 11 servers OK2,OK3,Titan,Vaders,Nitro,IP Guys,Lotus,Express,Crown,Prime,Area51 all priced in CAD $

PM me for more info

Thanks I paid $200 and they folded after 6 month I’ll never do that again I want good honest providers and support everybody got to make a buck some how


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Desertstreams is an excellent IPTV Provider.