IPTV Service Provider

Hello again,
Bought my device now which provider/s to go for.

Location - I am in London

Device Nvidia shield TV 2019

VPN Express VPN

Usage on 1 device TV with Virgin media fibre optic, ethernet cable.

Preferred method of payment Paypal

Needs I shall be wanting to watch the premiership, la liga, seriea, Bundesliga and ligue1. Not to mention champions league and so on.

It does not have to be in English commentary so things like ■■■ sports, BT sports, Premier sports, eleven sports, ■■■ sports Italia, Bundesliga, bein sports France, Bein sports in general, canal+sport well you get the gist as long as they show the football I like then I do not care too much for the commentary.

Quality is of the most importance because as much as I love football I have come to the point that I will only watch in HD.

Aside from football I watch lots of movies and TV shows both old and new again in HD.

I am into lots of genres so I’d like to be able to watch a film made in 1940 like maltese falcon as well as a good film made this year.

Same as TV shows as I am very likely to watch Perry Mason made in the 50s and Power or Blacklist still going on.

In short I want a streaming service that has some of the greatest movies ever made(my opinion) like the Godfather, Pulp fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Thin man, The Big sleep ,LA confidential, Se7en, Fargo etc in HD.

Great TV shows like Seinfeld, Only fools, Cheers, Sanford and Son, Poirot, Simpsons, Black adder, XFiles etc again in HD.

Okay not all of these would be had by 1 provider but you get my drift.

For those of you that have used a vast array of providers and based on my specifications could you please recommend the ones you are pleased with.

I am fully aware that I have to trial and see for myself but there is no harm in asking in advance.

Also apart from on here are there any other good places to search for providers and are there any great Movie and TV show apps please?

Giving the problems that I have read about especially concerning LiVe football is it worth looking for providers with a smaller user base?

Since I live in London should I be looking for a UK based provider or is that irrelevant?

Thanks once again for trying to help out a novice.

You answered your own question really. The only way you will get (close) to what you want, is by trialling a few.

Many are similar and it really depends on what customer service you expect/want and if there is any kind of support group.

Many providers will tell you they are the best and they may believe that, but also many are just after a quick sale.

Really you can’t beat trying and getting an instinct for support.

Do you have greek list too?

Hi the iptv I resell have full Greek list on our back up account. To buy our back up account you must buy our main UK and USA IPTV service. The total cost of both account each with there own android app is £10 a month. Plus with two account you will never be without service. If you would like a free 24 hour test on both service. Please pm me.

Thanks for Reading

Yes, I would try your service.

Pleas pm me and delete your mag address from the public char for security


hi just pm you the url fro your device happy testing


Do you have Polish TV channels ?

yes on our back up serves

Please use our android app for better streaming.

please type the URL below into your android box browsers

https://tinyurl.com/apctvclub1 1

https://tinyurl.com/apctv3 1

I am looking for something I can use on KODI

what is your device? kodi is very poor as streaming these days

I amwatching TV on PC or X box One X