IPTV Service with better quality than Vaders?


My yearly subscription with Vaders is almost done. I am looking for a provider with as good or better quality channels than vaders. Vaders quality has been great but i get a lot of buffering. Also looking for multi connections as well. Prefer VOD and catchup. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?



try Flash tv or rewind tv. For only 7 dollars a month Flash in fantastic, every channel,all sports,tons of movies,24/7 tv and excellent customer service. Rewind is great also,only a little more a month 10 bucks a month


Pm me for proton trial


Streams4us is great and will full fill all your needs plus more, with multi connections and trial to test before you buy…


I am trying out stream4us as a trial. so far on par or better than Vaders as far as video quality. Vaders beats it in catchup and cost per connection. i requested a trial from flash tv a few days ago but no responce yet.


If no response from Flash just go on their facebook page and ask James for a trial. He will get right back to you.


Flash does not have nba /nfl ticket


I am with IPTV solutions ( Diablo), love it


flash has , PPV, NFL,NBA,Center Ice and the MLB. all packages.




I have the free trial. Do you think that is why it is missing


yes if you have a trial. Usually any iptv provider will only trial from monday to thursday because people take the trial for the football and fights on saturday and sunday. Buy a months sub its only 7 dollars and you will get every channel your cable company has and a ton more.


bought a month. I like flash pretty good for the money