IPTV Smarters is now available for Samsung and LG Smart TV as well


Hi guys, iptv smarters pro app is now available for Samsung and LG Smart TV as well.


Not showing in the list of available apps on my Samsung.


Depends on the model of the tv


Ive also heard issues on it already looks like providers have to register it as nitro wouldnt work on it but beast did. Bizarre.


No that’s not true…no provider has to register for it…must have been something else going on with that specific nitro account. Maybe they didnt enter the info in right.


keep in mind the customer was using it the day it got released. But i did review that the information was correctly placed. And smarters servers def werent down because i even retried the input on z7 smarters.


Samsung is only available in the US. Here is the link you can get more info here. https://www.whmcssmarters.com/clients/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/21/Smart-TV-App----IPTV-Smarters-Player-


Yes, it’s working on the LG TV in World.