Iptv trials over next weeks


i am doing trials over the next week or so all info will be posted here started yesterday with bestbuy iptv so far not very good channels dropping out all the time lot off channels not working very well marks out of ten 5/10


Please post all testing as I am very interested in USA, Canada & UK FHD, HD, Local and all Movie Channels


(1) Iptvsubscription, quality channels but they drop out every now and then 7/10.
(2) Vader stay away, great quality with channels but constant drop out with all the hype not impress 6/10.
(3) the best I’ve tried so far picture quality may not be great as vader but good enough and very reliable plus you get 3 connections for $5 9/10


tou never said which was the best so far


d9tv solutions worse one so far constant buffering and freezing lots off channels no sound. lots of channels incorrectly named very poor 3/10


The best so far is area 51


I was a big supporter of d9tv until their ‘old’ server went down (due to some service payment issue). They asked me to download the ‘new’ server and it’s not as good. Plus PayPal charged my card twice for the next 3 months but d9tv had credited me the following 3 months.
They also had apps that you purchased (not apk’s) and I was so happy with the uptime and quality. Now those apps are no longer applicable with the new server.
However, d9tv is still not on the ‘bad’ list. Just not as good as it once was.
I am currently in Denmark visiting my daughter and was watching US tv today and am looking forward to watching the EPL on Saturday and Sunday.


I find posts like these interesting so thought I would add my experience to the trials.
Began my streaming with Set tv like many on here thought there service was good until it went dark.
Then signed up with Gear iptv. This service is good albeit pricy as I can have 3 tv’s going at the same time in my household.
last nite signed up with a service called EPIC Iptv. thought I read on here somewhere that they were pretty good.
So far have not been able to get there app to do anything. Have been emailing back and forth with them all evening. Now they tell me to use there apk with KODI. I have been deleting KODI off my firesticks as I am not happy with the way it plays. very slow and hard to work with for me.
Question for all: has anyone got EPIC to work on a firestick not using KODI? Or should I just ask for my money back.


iptv enjoy had a 12 hour trial wasnt so bad althou couldnt find 3 pm kickoff links and no box office links sky sports channels seemed to work ok but movie channels kept going blank after ten or fifteen mins had to keep changing to another link but eventually found one that worked perfect if there was 3pm kickoffs and box office i would gladly of paid for a months sub spoke to customer service who said the 3 pm games were on but when i questioned them further for info they stopped replying marks out of ten 7/10 shame could be a good provider


signed up for trial with iptv easy after 6 hours with no picture sound on anything just message saying buffering then stream error tried to contact customer service no reply rating out of ten 0/10


update on iptv easy they sent me the wrong m3u file and emailed me with new one this one worked fine . used this service for 24 hours and was pritty impressed hd picture quality was fantastic never had to many issues accept when watching formula 1 race there was a choice of 3 channels and had to flick between them 2 or 3 times but was able to watch the race no problem all other channels were fine downside for me was the vod section all movies were from 2015/ 2016 none off the latest movies were on there. if the vod had been better would have given them a 9/10 price was a bit high at 13 gbp per month overall rating 8/10


trialed softiptv poor channel selection poor picture quality lot of freezing and screen going blank rating 4/10


iptv energy was impressed with there trial so bought sub was great for first 2 weeks then couldnt load m3u file customer service was great sorted problem out but 2 days later same problem havent bothered contacting c s again as cant be bothered sorting same problem out also no vpn allowed with this service which is not good for uk subscribers overal picture sound and content was great bit expensive at 13 gbp rating 8/10 would have been 9/10 if vpn was allowed


helix hosting trial was perfect very impressed but after i bought sub picture quality seemed to go downhill lot off channels freezing and buffering also a lot off channels seemed to be skipping frames which tends to be rough on the eyes sd channels were perfect vod was good shame this could have been a 10/10 service if wasnt for picture probs rating 7/10


superstreamz initially took out 12 hour trial cancelled after 2 hours constant buffering freezing channels not loading hd channels looked more like sd very poor rating 2/10


beamstv trial was really impressed picture quality was fantastic real good hd streams no buffering no glitching channel selection was one off the best ive seen especially for sport. by far best one ive tried so far BUT no paypal no credit card bitcoins only and from previous experiance from using these theyre a nightmare really quite gutted about payment options as i would have taking out a sub rating 10/10 for quality


Great work Paul_Mcleary. Really useful reviews. Appreciated.
Any chance you can add a bouquet rating as well as device used?
I’ve tried some that were promising but uk channels were just under one group. Pain in the arse finding what you want! Also VPN is important given FAB just had their collar felt!


bouquets were in groups ie sport entertainment documentaries and so on not sure about vpn


Purchased a month of Sonic IPTV last week ($20). The website promised zero buffering and 99.9% uptime. They also offered a large selection of VOD.
It has to be the worst IPTV service out there! It buffers within seconds, plays for a few more seconds and buffers again. There is ZERO VOD or series.
Avoid at all costs!


clearstreamz not very good service lot off channels not working some with no sound only certain vod will load up hd and fhd channels not much better than sd no glitching or buffering but still not very good rating 5/10