IPTV with Australian Channels?

Anyone know a good IPTV service with Aussie channels?


I have an interest in this as well, especially with regards to Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, I believe it’s FOX SPORTS 506.

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Try area 51 watching mate 7 now

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I am after an IPTV which has all the Fox Sports Channels including Fox Footy in Australia?

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I have tried many and the best one for Aussie channels is Nitro imo.

I have tried to look up their Channel List and Cannot find Whether they have all the Foxtel Sports Channels 501 - 506 including Fox Footy

They have 64 local aussie channels, AFL 24/7 Live and 9 channels of AFL. They have 8 channels NRL Live and 10 channels Rugby pass.
They have Fox Sports News Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourse, Perth and Sydney.
They have many racing.com channels and Redbull TV from most au cities.

May be an old thread but there is now a service that has all fox sports and Fox tel channels

Its YBTV(dot) uk


seems nobody has a decent or working NRL feed.

Www .ybtv.uk has the full Foxtel package

yeah, so does every chinese service supplier, but do they actually work

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Full HD and never had a drama been with them.3 months

lol, you prolly run it.

Haha yeah ok then mate. Why don’t you go do a free trial and come back and prove me wrong.

This is the problem with the net these days everyones smart arse. Commented on this to help fellow aussies that have been in the same boat as ive been with IPTV and have to deal with this Dog shit. No wonder all you see id scammers everywhere.

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He dosent but i do.

I cut all restreamers a few weeks ago so if you find any still then That’s very strange.

We produce our own content hosted in Sydney and teed off a more powerful server in Singapore to bypass the international bandwith issue here in Aus.

If you wanna free trial let me know.



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yes, that would be great, thanks

Telegram name is @pswaze

I just ordered a 7 day pass, cant get any to download and tried to use the web link portal, no channels will play.

I got it to down load, not bad. Still no web link channels to work.

I’m a customer of YB iptv I would definitely recommend them to anyone…great quality channels/service…apart from Australian Foxtel which I’m really excited for (you will not find this many Australian Foxtel channels with any other provider I searched many and came out empty) what really impressed me is their support on Telegram. If channels go down you’re constantly kept up to date in the group with what’s happening etc and they’re always very quick to respond and fix issues. Bael has been excellent with his service to me honestly I can’t complain. Reasonably priced as well.