Hi, I’m looking for a trial and reliable reseller.

Do they still accept using m3u vlc? i have enigma2 and android too though.

many thanks


Hi just to point out they do get blocked when a certain game in a certain league gets played


Thanks for the heads up.
I’m quite surprised they are one of those that gets blocked though!


Hi there,

I am a King-box reseller, and can provide you with 12hr if you use stbemu app on android. m3u list is quite shit because can only give you 3hr trial (also channels difficult to search through when m3u list.) stbemu is better since it has epg

havent seen sports channels get blocked lately. otherwise, its a very reliable service.

let me know, thanks.


Hi Mr E205

Im looking for a reseller
Can i get your details ? Or email ?
Thanks clive