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                        kstreams.info IPTV -- REVIEW

So I’ve been using this iptv streaming service for little over a month now and the service is great, the streams are high quality and offer HD 60fps or SD 30fps. You can connect to the streams via multiple devices such as Smart TVs, Tablets, Phone, Android or IOS and much more!

The VOD (Video On Demand) is awesome new movies and shows are added all the time, something like 3000+ channels. along with LIVE TV. also supports multiple streams but cost an extra which is not a problem.

The monthly packages are very reasonable, I’ve been using the 1month for now but will upgrade for multiple streams at a later time. The support/help is great to, i had a couple questions and within no time i was getting reply’s, and got all my questions answered.

They also feature trial periods (48hrs) if your not sure what your getting and how it performs. well worth the time! you won’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking for quality and cheap iptv streaming with loads of features.

That’s my review thanks for your time, and i hope you enjoy the service as much as i do!

any questions just ask away and ill try my best to help you out, there is also a discord channel for kstreams help plus general news and announcements.


enjoy :slight_smile:

Does this service have catchup?

yes it does… you can access it via the app at the main menu…

Ok. Thank you. I will check it out.

your welcome… :slight_smile:


Can I ask you a ‘silly’ question? Is it available via an app or apk?
Apps are so much easier to download.

Sign up for the trail Wednesday got the invoice for the trail but no trail yet. Email them no reply yet.

the app is via a download link… just add it to a usb stick and install
there prolly is a way to get it from app store, i just didnt need to. now, u can email them or you can join the discord chan they are there 24/7

Hi. Can you send me link to kstreams?

not a problem, here you go, enjoy.


regular trials are available mon-thurs only. also, there’s now a weekend trial also available which is only for the weekend.

Thanks. It’s confusing. There seems to exist a kstreams .com too, in addition to kstreams .info. I wonder if it’s the same owners??

Kstreams.com is a totally different website has nothing to do with this one… Kstreams.tv and .info are the same site

Thanks for good information :slight_smile: I tried kstreams.info, but I was disappointed. I was looking for 4 us local channels, and when I tried to watch, none of them would open. Now I’m trying kstreams.com, and so far very satisfied.

I’ve been subscribing to kstreams for a couple of months now and they area as good as most others. Decent listing of channels and $10 month. Find them at kstreams.info. They offer 48 Free Trial but it’s limited to Mon - Thurs

Your link is not working.
It goes to a link on Apache Ubuntu Home Page.

*** A bit of a warning about KTV ***

KTVStreams seems to be slipping backward a bit instead of moving forward. It’s been about 6 months from my prior post but I seem to be having more frequent buffering problems as well as channel freezing problems than I had in the past. I know that IPTV is going to buffer on occasions, it’s a given. But there have been times when a channel I was watching on KTV started buffering badly yet when I flipped over to my other IPTV service I was able to watch the same channel and program without any buffering,

Their EPG also has become somewhat sporadic in providing channel info. More and more often I am finding many channel listings showing a box filled with “No Information” or many channels showing nothing at all other than a totally blank line. At times I am able to correct it by refreshing both the Channel, Movie, Program listing and the Program Guide area thru the Inner menu on the EPG Guide page, but that is a tedious project and can take up to 4-5 minutes before they are refreshed/repopulated and I’m able to watch the programming again; by this time having missed the first few minutes of any programming.

Yesterday, Thursday, Apr 18, I had this EPG problem beginning late in the afternoon. I tried the Refreshing but it didn’t help so I flipped over to my other provider for the rest of the day. That night I turned off my box, as I do every night so it will reboot itself the next day when I turn it on, and the problem persisted - many channel boxes showing “No Information” and many more showing a blank line with no channel listing/info at all. I tried the Refresh again as well as turning off my box to reboot it with no results. I sent a repair ticket and found the problem had been repaired when I checked it after getting home from work.

I also received a fairly unfriendly e-mail reply to my repair ticket. It said something about “You’re only paying $10 per month” I found this offensive! Maybe they don’t realize I could very well give my $10 to someone who provides better service.

Bottom line is be a bit cautious about subscribing to KTVStreams. I have been experiencing more and consistently the same problems with buffering, freezing and an uninformative or blank EPG

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Sorry you feel that we are slipping. We have added additonal servers and additional capacity. We are like other IPTV Services where we rely on a few datacenters that at times have routing issues. We have explained our EPG is not the best out there and it is something we are actively working on. I would like to again apologize that you received the response of you only pay $10. We understand you can go to other service providers and want to offer you a free month for this. Please open a ticket and link to this post for the month.

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Thanks for your reply. It’s reassuring to see that you monitor boards such as these to view comments to get an insight and learn how your clients feel, and what problems they may be having so you can address those issues. It sounds as if you re taking corrective steps and hopefully your efforts will solve the issues. I appreciate your offer of the free months service, thank you.