Looking for 2nd provider


I am looking for a 2nd provider.
I am using Desert Streams.
I thought I found one but they are not going to use the Catch up feature.
So, would like to find one. Any good ones out there?


Join here if you like, there is a free trial until Friday, you can read my other post about it. https://discord.gg/EpRhSVP


who told you that desert streams wasnt going to use catch up feature… because its a lie…
we are not now or are we ever getting rid of catch up…and i would know. because i am desertstreams…
someone obviously who wants your business and is willing to lie to you to get it…people should ask the source before they go out and spread garbage,

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Sorry, maybe I didn’t work it correctly.
It wasn’t Desert Streams that wasn’t using Catch Up feature.
It is another provider which I thought I would try. It was them who said they were not going to use the Catch Up feature. I liked what I saw, it looked similar to Desert Streams so I paid for one month.
Again, sorry for the misunderstanding

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Pm me for IPTV


try https://amazintv.co.uk they got lots of UK catch-up no USA though


Thanks, but I would have to have USA.


Pm me and will give u trial