Looking for a good reliable uk/us/Canadian panel

I am looking for a decent priced reliable reseller panel.
I was with knight tv but been scammed from someone who runs same name an photo.

I am based in Scotland,not got a great deal of experience apart from 10months with Knight. I have just over 100 customers an I have quite a few orders

Pm me my friend and will talk

Would it be possible for a trial please

see: Bestiptv, ey are easily reachable by chat, or phone

My question is is the locals fully working on this service and I’m talking about New York locals, cbs2 NBC4 Fox 5 New York ABC New York 7 wor 9 and PIX11? If all these are fully function I’m all in where do I sign up

I can help you pm me for a test have all those streams and more

PM us here or visit our website: https://exoticiptv.com

We assist you in reselling your own product then :slight_smile: