Looking for Australian friendly provider

Titles says it all.

I’m looking for an provider that has good peering to Australia and hopefully with UHD channels, also sports passes like NBA pass that actually work.

Thank you!

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yes sir , you welcome if you want a trial but i dont know in this forum how talking in private for give you a trial

@fehroah Test our service and you will enjoy how much Austrilian content we have. More than welcome for a test.

Hey mate! Are you allowed to disclose where the servers are located? If not you can send me a direct message

yes i think now , we can talking on private

Hi @fehroah,

If you are still looking for an honest iptv provider…
We are looking for honest, responsible, and dedicated resellers :wink:
We are not just another IPTV service provider - We cater to a worldwide region - With thousands of content to enjoy with sharp picture & no buffering or lag!

Support for The following devices…

:point_right:iOS Devices - iPhone/iPad
:point_right:Firestick/Fire TV
:point_right:Android TV Boxes & Tablets
:point_right:Android Smartphones
:point_right:Smart TV (LG & Samsung)
:point_right:MAG BOX / STB EMU
:point_right:Windows - VLC Player
:point_right:Enigma Devices
:point_right:Roku TV / Roku Stick

PM us and we can discus the processes.

We can help buddy pm me

Hi…i would like to test the australia packet

Thank you Matti

If Anyone Is Still Interested In Such Channels.

We are currently offering 24hr Trial Accounts.

Pm for more information :slight_smile:

Can you please provide a free trial

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Can you please provide a free trial

PM sent.

Thank you for your interest.