Looking for BEST IPTV service?

Good luck finding one!

I know better because I have truly tested so many since last 6+ months and they all SUCK!

What I mean is this - all of them and each and every day have at least a few channels with buffering and etc issues. No exception.

Any of these providers or resellers who say otherwise, they are not truthful.

Think about it - even if I was a reseller, I would not tell you guys my services are not 100% perfect!

So, what’s the solution? Double subscription and from 2 different providers.

I like @BestbuyIPTV and they are my primary provider. After a long day at office, I come home and want to watch some news channel but I must pray before turning on the TV first for no buffering!

Then, I use some trial and I see the same problematic channel works 100%.

Oh, get this. Then, I try some other channels with my trial account and I see buffering etc problem. Switch back to my primary providers but they work perfect!!

So, don’t go for most expensive provider thinking if you pay more, you get better service!

NOPE! All will have buffering issue sooner or later. This is how any illegal service works! Nothing is perfect!

So, shop around for 2 providers and as cheap as you can find and no long term subscription.

Also, ensure they all accept PayPal.

Most do but if they don’t, do NOT give out your credit card info. Use a VISA / Master Card gift card.

Some will accept PayPal but not commercial. Meaning, you send money via PayPal but as gift or donation which PayPal will charge you extra $$ for it.

What’s the problem with that?

The problem is you pay more for the service and also if the provider shuts down a week later, there is no way for you to ask PayPal to reverse the charge. They tell you … hey buddy, you send the money as gift NOT a business transaction - so no refund for you!

That’s all. Hope these info helps some of you.

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I am sure I’m not the first / only one “wronged” too many times! Some people live <-> learn - but never share about their experiences!

What’s app me for free 24 hr trial from #1 provider. No buffrring/freezing etc, all the channels. 07865927835

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I don’t use WhatsApp or any similar tools / social networking. Thanks for offer to help but at this time, we are happy with current provider @BestbuyIPTV.


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nice review written :slight_smile:

If you want sly TV goto sly TV mate. You won’t even get offered a fraction of the channels that these providers offer and you’ll pay extra, through the nose for sports. If you take a trial of a service before you buy it you won’t get caught out. You’re averaging around 7kblivecchannelsceithbthese guys, what do you want? Sly TV? Goto sly TV then. :rofl: Lol you actually bought subs and went through every single individual channel on them subs to pick faults on serviced that save you £1000’s every year? Really :rofl: why? So you can come on here and slate the providers? C’mon man, whos side are you on?
Did you do the same with Kodi too? Yeah, I think I’ll accept s few dead links here and there if it means I can watch what I want, when I want, access libraries of movies and boxsets and have sports to boot. Lol, for less than £50 a year??? Where do I sign bro? What’s sly charging per year for its max package these days including all live sporting events, movies and tv shows to order? Let’s see shall we.

Woohoo…and all in HD too :point_left::boom::rofl::ok_hand::v:

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