Looking for Reliable Service only USA - CA channels

I’m looking for a service only for USA - CA channels (i don’t care about sports).
Any suggestions?

Come see us , we do customized packages, we also offer free backup or any downtime for outages. That means backup for every channel. So there’s no need for a trial and you’re never out of service. The only service that does that

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The only premium service that offer & uploads free BACKUP on any downtime or outages
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hi i have what you are looking for and we give you a main aaccount and a back up account for only £8 a month. if you would like a free 24 hour test please add our apk to your android box

hi please add both our apk to your android box

Android apk: https://tinyurl.com/apctvclub1

Android apk: https://tinyurl.com/apctv3