Looking for top and reliable Canada & USA based

Looking for recommendations of reliable services that are Canadian & USA based. Would like if they had a discord or something like that too. Any suggestions?

@DarthWarlag check your PM i sent you a message

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Well here is my suggestion, we have exactly what you’re looking for Canada and us we are United States base located in New York City we have a telegram group same crap as Discord. Is the thing we don’t give trials. So now I have a better alternative I can send you a full video or shall I say make you a video instead of giving you a trial and show you everything you need to know. Which I feel a lot of other IPTV services at this form should be doing it stop giving trials out all day because all you going to run into his trial Jumpers in trial trolls not saying you are one


Hi DarthWarlag,
You tried my service with a discord couple weeks ago. Do you want to buy a subscription?

Hi @DarthWarlag
I’ve sent PM to you.


Looking for good iptv uk Canada United States

We can provide you 3K+ live tv channels aur 4k+ VODs and which is included different countries around the world and mainly focused on USA CANADA and UK.

If you want you can check out the trial so you can test the quality of contents.

For trial and inquiry you can contact us through telegram directly : Telegram: Contact @sparrowiptvsupport

Or through mail : sparrowiptv@gmail.com

We can help you, send me a pm

TheFireTV is AMAZING! It is using SoPlayer, and has USA & Canada. Best system I have found to date. You can google their specific name and site shows up. Google “TheFireTV”

If he was happy with your service, he would vote with his wallet.

You could be nicer and follow up with a PM instead of public comment - and ask him how you could improve your service to keep him as paid customer - but I guess you expect everyone buys a subscription as soon as you give them one day trial.


We have an online chat feature. We’re so solid you won’t run into many problems. Issues usually resolved within a days time.

As I know he is fine and happy now. :wink:

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Praise to the Lord the Almighty!

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Hey we are eutv and catv original supplier from China,Do you need test?

Do you have whats app?

Hi sir we can help feel free to send a pm for a free trial

I’m good now fellas I run and sell my own now actually lol

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