Looking for TRUE 50fps FHD Bein Sports Middle East


I am looking for TRUE 50fps FHD Bein Sports Middle East in English commentary during CL/EL/EPL matches.

Also all UK channels

I don’t want to have to use VPN.

If anyone could help me out, greatly appreciated.


you don’t need a vpn with us and we have fhd bein sport in English and UK channels

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Just to be clear,

bein channels 1-10 in english commentary. Not just channel 11 & 12.


That’s what are you looking for is pretty hard to find!

Before a 2 week’s I took a month subscription from MBStreamz,they have one of best sports section I saw until now !Bt sports in 50 frames,lots of section,lots of others sports with excellent quality …
Ask them for test,and check !
Hopefully that will help you !

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I think we have what you’re looking for. Tons of middle eastern FHD bein channels.

I’ll send you a pm.

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Thanks for the replies. Found my solution with @shellastreams25

Excellent service!

Thanks everyone.

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Glad to help and you have to enjoyed my service looking forward to have you on board in the team.

hey, can you please send me test 24 hours, to check the fps

This guy is long gone, at least with that name. He conned me for a 6 month sub.