Looking into reselling

Hi, looking into becoming a reseller with someone with there own service,. With no continuous minimum monthly fee

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@Accy if your interested =

@Accy no monthly fee for me. Unless you go unlimited

I can sort you a panel with 15 credits to start ideal starting package…pm me tomorrow for all details…no reaccurring fees…pay as you go…

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Hello. I have sent you a pm regarding our fantastic reseller plans.

We offer IPTV panels (with vod)

& VOD only panels.

Pay as you go.
Generic apps available
Can get your own branded app
Great credit pricing
Great service

More INFO here: CLICK HERE : Adrenaline TV: Top Quality Meets Amazing Prices. SD/HD/FHD/UHD/50FPS Sports/4k Movies. Free trials

do you mean unlimited sir ? or choice our credited packages