Looking IPTV for sports

I am looking for something with minimal members that doesn’t freeze every time the football is on!!

Ideally something with a large list of premier league streams, price isn’t an issue if the service is good.

We can offer something. There is no need for loads of streams if they work. Our standard service is offshore so no blocks at all. Message if you want more info

Hi :raising_hand_man:t3:

We offer all the premier league football! All of the games are shown at the time they kick off! We also offer the EFL games and we also show some of the Scottish games as well. We pride ourselves on showing the UK sports content. Come and join us for your viewing experience.

Email hibiscusstreams@gmail.com for more information.


Hi Murkr,

You should take a trial with us and let us know what you think! Grab a trial tonight and watch the MNF.



100% i can offer this get a free trial here

hi mate can do you a 24hr trial no problem

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If you are still looking for a sub
We can give you a 24hr free trail

PM or mail Info@premiumtv.shop

Telegram support for subscribers

nee a trial mate pm me

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You can try IVIEW IPTV, which supports Android.

It has more than 1,000 channels in Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iceland and other countries.


Very stable, live sports events 7 days to catch up and burn, monthly subscription, you will never miss your favorite programs.

Please contact me if you need a trial.