Looking to resell. Need a stable quality service that can handle peak times

Don’t know if I am asking for too much but to save wasting time I am looking for a Stable provider that offers moreorless instant support. Has a service that can handle peak viewing times and offer VOD UK, US , CA and all the relevant groups for 3pm footy and iFollow.

Have a few customers waiting to move across but have a budget. Not really wanting to pay £100 for just 20 credits looking at 40 credits at least but at around 4 credits for 12 mths.

If anyone can help would like to chat.

Hello. Here at Adrenaline, we offer:

  • SD, HD, FHD, UHD channels,
  • A huge dedicated sports section, & VOD.
  • Able to have as many sub-sellers as you’d like.
  • Great credit pricing & support.
  • If interested, please send us a pm. Cheers.

More INFO HERE: 🅰 Adrenaline TV: Top Quality Service at Amazing Prices. Market Leader in Entertainment.SD/HD/FHD/Super Panels Available

Hey bud, i can offer a live tv service only, UK Block free, do pay as you go panels also, 4 creds =12 months, also have a pay as you go vod panels, and plex also.
Drop me a message if interested, im more than happy to chat.
Replace the 5 with an s lol