Multi-Screen Addon for Android IPTV App

I am looking for an Android IPTV App which provides Multi-Screen option.

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Thanks for test. His much to buy?

If you are looking for MultiScreen option in you IPTV App, then should try the New Addon of “IPTV Smarters Pro” App. This Addon is Paid but it works very well. Its offer 4 screen option at one time. They also offers the Demo version of MultiScreen. If you are interested, then visit their official website “whmcssmarters” and request for the demo. Hope this will help you to get the Multiscreen option in your IPTV App.

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You can buy the IPTV Smarters pro android app which provides the add on feature of multi screen. If you want the customized version of this app with your logo, app name then you can contact WHMCS Smarters.


if you have only 1 connection you can only get 1 screen must have 4 connection acct…for 4 screens they will let you see 4 during demo then when you buy you are limited to how many connections you actuall pay for…

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In the demo we have all the addons installed already but when you buy the application you get the application without any add-on such as multiScreen will be absent, multiUSER will be absent, etc. But you can still pay for them separately get it installed in your application.

I have a multi screen app available for rebrand.