Name your favourite providers

Hello, im looking for people to recommend their favourite provider, im not looking to hear about features, just the name so i can tally up and see who is the most reliable as i think its the best way for us users to narrow down who the best provider is, also itll help providers to see how they stand

Not interested in VOD at all so please dont mention vod only providers if there are any

I think only the moderator can do this !! We don’t know who are you ! For security users can’t share this confidential information !

Just an opinion :slight_smile:


Well ive just got my anniversary badge and have posted on here in the past, if admin has any concerns about me i will offer them my facebook link so they can check me out and ive seen others asking the same thing so i dont know what the difference is in my case, also if im on the forum i can see the names of all you providers already so whats the difference.

*Edit - to put it simply i just want peoples recommendation on the best provider so that i and others can narrow down all the crap and get straight to the point, isnt the point of a forum to discuss, review and recommend?

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Some Reseller can create topic recommend their own service here ! Or they pay some gays to give feedback/ recommendation here !

So hope this forum stay clean

I hope so too, just have to judge for myself, plus i would admittedly be more interested in posts from long standing users but would still appreciate posts from new users aswell been on here a year roughly myself but havent posted in a bit.

I probably wont get any recommendations anyway as people seem to just buy and dont leave many reviews.

I’ve been offered a free month to leave a review. I declined but many did and when I read them I couldn’t connect their reviews to the service at all… we need to have a platform to give credit to the worthy providers and constructive criticism to the ones that are lacking.
Sadly I fear such threads would soon be hijacked and would lose any credibility but got to be worth a shot.


I completely agree bud its hard getting trustworthy reviews, ive left some recommendations on the admin section/topic in regards to this, hopefully something can be done, but for now this is the only true way we can narrow it down unfortunately, good on you for not taking that offer too, i appreciate integrity

Get yourself a trial and see what works for you , there is not just one favorite provider … all is about what works for you … Good luck

And hope here stay more serious and clean.

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Was hoping to see some providers recommended in here and whichever providers where getting the most recommendations would be the ones i would request the free trial from, it can be exhausting getting trials off so many different providers, i wasnt just going to purchase the most named provider as im already skeptical about reviews but i appreciate you taking your time to make me aware of this

Yea as I said what works for some people maybe don’t work for you but a trial can help to see what work best for you I don’t want to be bad but I had true my had lots of people and some they enjoy some they don’t … Many factors are between provider and customer you have to look to many aspects so trial 99% speack the truth.

Good luck .

If you look for trial ask and I will show you what I offer.

What I would have found most helpful when I first started here would have been a way of finding out who were selling the same service.
I trialled one and ruled out for one reason or the other, only to find i was trialling the same service from a different provider again and again. Was a bit awkward in the end…

I fully understand that too as some user errors like bad setups/too many apps running in background/fluctuations in signal etc can lead to unfair reviews so id consider all of that aswell. im a bit of a tech head so i would always run through my own troubleshooting before assuming its on providers end eg. run a few speedtests, power cycle equipment, connect wired, force stop unnecessary apps/clear cache, try with/without vpn etc

Lol that sounded like a right headache bud, must keep that in mind

Happy to start your list off, Neil-star pretty solid I found…


Thanks Cuda, will check them out

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I’ll go second, VoidMedia it is for me.

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I added those guys on discord and completely forgot about them, remember hearing good things about them too, thanks for your suggestion

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I put a review on recently but it got deleted as other providers complained…


that’s what happens. you can’t put honest things.


Thats madness and defeats the purpose of having a forum, thanks for letting me know

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