NBC Sports Gold


Does anyone know of a iptv service with this package?


optimus has these channels… you can get a 48 hour trial from me. PM for more details


Yes I would like a free trial. Thanks. How mush per month is it?


D9TV. Good, solid service and performance.


Any link to more info on D9TV? Interested. Thanks.


The fastest way to view their content is to Google D9TV. All the channels are listed.
FYI - since I responded to you re: NBC Gold, I wanted to watch Arsenal v Cardiff on Tuesday and all NBC Gold channels were ‘off line’. I encountered the same issue on my back up service.
Also, I found out since I responded to you that D9TV have removed all VOD.
Sorry the the bad news!



These channels are not working for me. I wanted the Sports Gold channels because I thought they had extended Supercross coverage.