Need service asap please

hi all i have proton for quite a while and now its having issues. it has all us and canadian from east to west coast including NHL etc PPV yada yada. i need a new provider that will not freeze and buffer every 20 secs (which sucks ass on sunday during seahawks games) please help.I have been paying 20$ mnth

pm us pelase, cheers mate =) we will arrange a trial for you.

Come check us out we have five services that run on 5 servers, also we have full backup on any downtime or a channel out for a long. of time we’ll just switch you to another service free of charge simple fix

yes please send me a trial link

yes please send a trial link

Check u won’t be disappointed

i had a look i will set up a month tomorrow and check it out for sure. i like that i can choose chanels.

Can you send me trail link for mag box

sure, please check your inbox. I need your mac address for upload.