Network 24 IPTV - 9000 Channels


I’ve not tried this service as yet. Just sharing this video review for our information.


Trial looked good, but no subscriptions available. Also, no VOD or Series content…probably turned off on the Free Trial.


They are changing out servers. When complete, subs will open back up at $10 (I think). Also, looks like they may be adding VOD.

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Their server change is almost complete. 6hr. free trials are back and VOD has been added.

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Thanks GB…Signing up for a month to begin with.


the service is very new but its one of the best.its a community.members have power to change sources fix sound on channels also fix buffering.vod added every day.the service has 9.000 movies and tv series it just needs time to upload.they also have the best support out there.discord 24/7

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Network 24
Channel List

The service is fairly new, They have a great discord community. Every paid account has their own user panel. You can manage servers, toggle groups on/off, Switch channel feeds to backup source if your buffering, some channels have up to 4. The ability to fix sound issues with feeds. Add a missing channel to the default group that’s not listed. You also have the ability to go into extensive vod library and upload what you’re interested in to the live servers it’s down atm as it’s being transferred.

As far as the EPG goes it seemed off during my testing. 500 24/7 channels included. I only viewed the the usa sections the feeds were 1080/720 lots of them 60 fps on the popular networks. Lots of Local channels are available. Imo Stability is on par with eternal & tnt from my experience, They did suffer downtime from ddos attacks and adding more servers. Your experience may vary, But doesn’t mean you won’t see a buffer. The pricing has changed since i joined. Feel free to check for yourself

My conclusion is it’s a good service. A service with cheap pricing that provide 60 fps feeds is a great deal. While it’s not perfect it’s solid imo. There’s a lot to like, Hope this helps people looking for a new provider to try or trial. I Hope you’ll like Network 24 as much as i do.


I can vouch for NETWORK24 to be the best and innovated IPTV service i’ve ever come across,you have to try to beleive it.

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Is it possible to get a trial? I am using Nvidia Shield
Thank you :slight_smile:


Of course go to the website


I trialed this service approximately 2 days ago (it was a 6 hour trial). What I really liked was the helpful advice on the Discord channel and its evident that this is a very active IPTV service and its constantly being updated. If you have issues then Discord is the place to post them to, as they are action very quickly and fixed.

I accessed the service from their own Android App N24 (which is a version of IPTV Smarters Pro)

The IPTV panel which is attached to your account is also very good, it allows you to select what server you wish to connect to and gives you an option to select individual channels. This was good for me as I was able to select the US and UK channels only.

The channels were good and there were alot of options for SD and HD. As I am in Australia I did get some buffering, it would be good if there was a server in or near Australia. The VOD and Tv series are constantly being updated and the ones I tried worked perfectly.

The 24/7 channels were good too.

I would recommend this service and will try for a month. I would give this IPTV service 8-9/10



I agree NT24 is the best supported IPTV that i ever came across


Works well, great control over sections and available servers for the end user. They are new and so are still ironing out the kinks. Awesome line up of channels and VoD is good to.


Husham Memar also did a review on Network 24. I learned how to use kodi watching this guy. He does a good job explaining the User Panel.


Thanks for sharing!

I am not affiliated with them, but I have been researching for a while now. My previous IPTV services ran out its 1yr mark, but it did not include US or CA channels, and it was too expensive as it went through someone I know in person.

When looking for a new service, my criteria to signing up with IPTV has been:
1- Cost $10 range /mth
2- Channels 3000+ including US, CA, UK, DE and TR channels being a must.
3- Using PayPal to pay not by credit card and cancel any time I want
4- I am aware that not all channels are HD
5- I am aware that channels can freeze or go into buffer at times, especially on high-watching times
6- An existing customer service
7- I didn’t care using the 6-hour free trial

It has been a few days since signup and my experience so far…

Customer Service #1!!!
I gotta say, what people are talking about below on ‘Discord’ service is what impressed me most. I had trouble setting up my IPTV box and I was lead into this Discord room. All I said was ‘I have trouble…’ and immediately there were at least 3 people helping me out. I got it running within 7 minutes.

I have more than I want channels. However, you will have a Dashboard where you can deactive country channels you do not want for me Poland, Hungary, Saudi, etc. It just clutters and no need to overwhelm the system. The dashboard impressed me.

$10/ mth. I don’t think they have an annual plan. I may consider VPN later, even if I am in Canada.

As soon as I signed up, I opened a ticket and let them know that I signed up and paid. I heard back within 1 hour. There was a discrepancy. It can happen with some systems that they do not shoot off emails to Admins, so I wanted to make sure. I would recommend to keep the System Administrator aware and if you want quick response. Be ready to send them your details about the payment.

I will recommend the service and wish them all the best and keep up!


Yes they are good. I am one of their reseller and have to say it is not bad but VOD and TV series need improvement


This video despite being almost 10 mins in duration totally ignored the catch-up part of the service, so I am unable to see if a catch-up channel I want is part of the service or not.


Hi ,

Please let me know, what device you are using, I will send you a free 24hour test.

To buy £30 for 6 months or just pay £60 for 1 Year

Please let me know?