New to the game and new answers..Vets help me


I am looking for an IPTV provider that offers channels that show local Montgomery, Dothan and other Alabama cities. I need it to also have Adult channels and lastly have a reseller option. I had a guy to come in and set me up and had all the channels I mentioned and then the service expired and he won’t answer the phone anymore…Please someone tell me a good provider or a way to pull in the local channels again with any provider. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Not sure if this will help or not but there’s a free service on the internet that carries two of the Dothan local news channels:
Most of the network and syndicated programming your local stations carry would be available on one of the IPTV providers that has local stations from other cities.
This doesn’t solve all your problems, but at least it’s a start.


Hi Graybeard, thanks for your response. It kinda helped but I am still lost. As stated, I am using stbemu on firestick. I once had an iptv service provider that had CBS (Montgomery) and CBS(Dothan) but the time expired on it. I can’t figure out who the service provider is because the portal has no results in google. The guy who set me up is no longer answering the phone. So I need to find a way to connect that to my iptv provider channels(if possible) or find an iptv provider that has that channel already in their list. There is 100s of iptv providers out there so it will take me days to find the right one.


Well, without knowing the provider I’d be hard pressed to help much (unless I was standing in your living room and that ain’t happenin’). Is there anything on the firestick menu that gives you any idea who the provider might be? An icon, a link that no longer works etc.? What did you select to get to your iptv service? Anything?


yeah, the url that was used was ( but I could not find any info about it on the web. Now I have found one iptv provider ( that has the channels I was looking for. It has US: CBS Montgomery which is my most important one and may actually be the company. Only thing is it does not offer a trial or resellers account. It does however have a contact number so I will give them a call Monday but this is the type of provider I am looking for.

#6 check them out