:tv: :wolf: Welcome to Wolf TV :wolf: :tv:

Save £100 :pound::pound: on cable TV

If your looking for a ultra HD experience you have landed in the right place with UHD and HD streams everything just got a whole lot clearer

Get access to all the entertainment you’ll ever need.

UK channels :uk:
USA channels :us:
24/7 channels :clock3:
Sports channels :baseball::soccer::basketball::football:
International channels :ascension_island::burkina_faso::brazil:

Coming soon due to server replacement

Movies :movie_camera:
Series :film_projector:

All subscriptions come with a free 12 month plex subscription whilst waiting for vod return.

2 rebranded apps to chose from for now possibly more to follow soon.

Wolf tv - xciptv
Smarters purple vpn

No stb
No m3u lines
No mac address lines

1 Device - 1 Month - £10

2 Device - 1 Month - £15

3 Device - 1 Month - £20

1 Device - 3 Month - £15

2 Device - 3 Month - £25

3 Device - 3 Month - £35

1 Device - 6 Month - £25

2 Device - 6 Month - £35

3 Device - 6 Month - £45

1 Device - 1 Year - £45

2 Device - 1 Year - £60

3 Device - 1 Year - £80

Free trials available 7 days a week

1 hour no sports

6 hours no sports

12 hours no sports

We also have multiple package available to suite everyone needs from

Entertainment only

Full package with xxx :underage:

Full package without xxx

Life time subscription with xxx :underage:

Lifetime subscription without xxx

Sports only package :soccer::football::basketball::baseball:

Can you send me details for trial

Will that work on Mag box?

I will try tomorrow when I can

No mac address allowed mate not my rules unfortunately

The app above atm only

No stb
No m3u lines
No mac address

No idea why not like

do you have indian version indian channels?

Hi what’s the link to download your app?
And can I get a free trial please?

@meu0 yes we have Indian channels your welcome to a trial if you would like to test it

Link for the app is

Once install let me know I will pm a trial login :ok_hand:

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App downloaded mate and ready to go.
Do u run a WhatsApp group as well?

No mate discord only will setup trial now

No worries mate, if anyone has any problems do they just message u on here?

Yeah through here is fine just send us pm mate

Saves thousands just on sports alone…

Sign up now you’d be silly not to

Will it work on a formulerz8 box and if so can you send me details for a trial?
My current provider looks like they are no longer working.

Is android based then yeah will work on the box pal

Can I get a 1 month sub mate for firestick? Do I need a vpn? I’m based in UK?
Cheers steve

No vpn needed pal will message now

Just sent it over mate cheers

Sent login info and app to pm mate :ok_hand: