Ok3 or Vaders?Which would you pick?

Im using Vaders and a few others but Vaders gets on my nerves sometimes.Was thinking about replacing Vaders with ok3.What would you guys do?

Never used ok3 can somebody let me know who their service is

I can provide a 3 day trial for OK3. PM me

Could i get a free trial and price list pls

Ok3 would be my choice

Check your private message

personaly I am using Diablo (see Romy) and very satisfied

I haven’t heard of ok3, but I dropped swooptv and islandstream recently while still looking for a successful IPTV. Started using Vader and for about three weeks now it works awesome!

Vaderstream is average but it has its periods where it does not work that well; I have also tried and have also used Clearstreamz IPTV service provider they are average without the faults of vaderstream; I am now signed up for $90 for one years prepaid service; they are average and ok quite a bit better than vaderstream; for $7.50 a month on their one year prepay I am happy with their IPTV service as its world’s better than vaderstream I became tired of their endless stream of excuses and as a result have switched away from vaderstream to Clearstreamz as my chosen IPTV service provider.

That’s odd since I have found that Vader Streams work better than about anything else I’ve tried, and I’ve tried 3 or 4. Especially like the Match Center. I use a Firestick2 with super fast internet.

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can i get one for OK3

Can you tell me where I can get details and prices for your service. I already subscribe to another but want a backup for live tv. Also the VOD my current service provides is not that good and they have deleted their adult section. Do you have a good VOD section with adult and of course, a free trial please. Thank you John

Check your private message

I am also interested in finding out more details on this service. Does it have catchup? Trial?

Ok3 has only a handful of channels with catchup. There is a 3 day trial. Pm me

@netforce Can you pm me the info for Ok3 trial since I can’t seem to be able to because I just created my account. Thank you

can i get a trial please

I am using Diablo, with: bestiptv.com, very reliable

What is the best IPTV for UK channels with epg

My question is is the locals fully working on this service and I’m talking about New York locals, cbs2 NBC4 Fox 5 New York ABC New York 7 wor 9 and PIX11? If all these are fully function I’m all in where do I sign up