Overheating MAG256 box

I have a MAG256 box which works very well.
2 issues: 1/ box gets quite hot. I unplug it every night and reboot following day. Is this continuous on/off switching bad for the box? Am I likely to damage the box?
2/ Is it possible to record on the MAG256?

Hmm…that’s bad, could cause fire hazard.

Stop using MAG, buy NVIDIA SHIELD has manufacturer guarantee.

Ok, many thanks for your advice

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You’re welcome :cat2:

What kind of a reply do you call that? That’s not advice, it’s just lunacy. How hot is the MAG? You don’t know. Where is it located? You don’t know etc etc But yet you just announce that the OP should simply go and get an Nvidia Shield - because it has a manufacturer guarantee, unbelievable.
Does the MAG not have a guarantee from Infomir? (Mine does), Why else might the OP want to blow £190 on a Shield - or is it just cos of the guarantee?
How much use is the guarantee after this box also gets too hot and starts a fire?
Your reply really wound me up (can you tell?), these forums are where we share ideas and experiences and learn more about our interests, they are not a platform for some half - baked comments that waste a lot of money for another forum member.

1 on/off cycle per day will not harm your MAG 256. It does not record. Is your MAG in a well ventilated area or is it near to another device which gives out a lot of heat? Does the PSU get hot or is it just the actual box itself?

So what i ‘wound you up’ big deal. Its called freedom of speech, ‘lunacy’? Lol where did you get that from eh?

I had MAG last year same problem as OP so talking from experience, people like you startle upon forums being soo hot headed, taking it out on others like you own the show ha.

Have you had a bad day? Err I don’t care.

Ok guys, thank you for your replies. I didn’t mean to get you overheated on this topic.:blush:
Did what I probably should have done in the first place and contacted Infomir Service Dept. They said that the heating of the box is quite normal and will not cause any harm

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OK that’s good, here to help :smiley_cat:

Don’t worry my tail isn’t flicking anymore…I’m cool prrrrr

I had the same issue with a Mag 256, got rid of it . I’m now using the Dreamlink T2 which I’m quite satisfied with .

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I’ve been using MAG256 and it does occasionally get from the plug and the box itself every so often. I just unplug it now and everything’s ok. Other than that, works a treat. Will be upgrading to the 4K version soon.