PandarStreams review

I have tried several IP providers. None of them satisfied me as Pandar stream does. Here are my reviews

Channels respond load time very fast 10/10
Stream quality all channels crystal clear 10/10
Customer satisfaction 10/10
Channels list collection super 10/10
Support respond on time 10/10
Price 10/10
Price offer 28 pounds for 1 year 10/10 best price anyone could offer
VOD mind-blowing collections 10/10
PPV simplest awesome wow 10/10
Buffering zero 10/10
Movies channels 60 -25 FPS extremely high end quality mixed up with HD as well as FHD

I am not a reseller. I have tested his trial simple loving it. you have to test your self to believe in. He is friendly and nice guy.

Anyone interested for trial knock him his email address

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Just testing good channel’s grouping, good UK football, fast channels change and good pictures so far. Thanks for the test.

He just told me the right price £40.00 per year. The above review was for his old services.

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