Peoples IPTV / NordicOne review

For my requirements, I always judge a provider on how good their service is during the EPL blocks on a Saturday & Sunday and also the ability to use a vpn on the service.

So with that in mind, I requested a trial over a weekend approx 3 weeks ago and also requested that VPN usage be switched on for me.

My request for a trial was answered promptly via Messenger and I was sent an m3u url.

Once set up on SIPTV, it became apparent how many channels are available from a vast array of countries. (There must be something for almost any language speaker).

All genre’s of on line entertainment are catered for, standard country specific TV channels, sports, entertainment and a vast VOD section. All in either SD, HD, FHD and some in UHD.

It must be stressed that although the primary target customer is Scandinavian, many / most of the VOD section are English language speaking shows/ films. In addition, PPV is also well catered for (although I haven’t yet watched any of these on this service yet, I have no reason to believe that there would be any problems given all other channels work so well)

During my trial, watching football, there were no problems with buffering and picture quality, especially on NBCS an American/ Canadian channel was superb with 50/60 FPS meaning there was no blurring of the fast moving ball.

All sports are covered, I won’t go into detail, there’s no need. If it’s on TV anywhere, it’s on here.

I tried one of the series from the VOD section, unfortunately, it didn’t load. A quick message to NordicOne on messenger and within 10 mins, it was available.

Based on my trial, I’ve taken out a 3 month sub, I’ve no doubt that at the end of this period that I will extend for a further 12 months.

All in all, an excellent service and excellent customer support.


Thanks for the very kind words… We at PeoplesTV delivering Nordic One to our clients are very thankful to hear the appreciation of our customers for our service. We work hard and try our absolute best to please our customers, and it is not so difficult to do so when you have the knowledge and experience that we at PeoplesTV have to offer our customers when it comes to IPTV.

Thanks again.


Thank you Smileyman. Excellent report. I always give great credence to your reports (e.g Firestarter).
Thanks again.

John L

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Can I get a free trial sub

Where can I try Nordic One IPTV? I can not find the site to sign in

Pm us =)
Pm. We are on the forums…

hi,i’m using samsung smart tv could you send me a trial link please ?

you seem to have a reliable service so can I have a m3u test please. Thanks, JW

@ [NordicOne] Hi can I get a test line, please PM me. Thx regards

Have a test with
They have Been going since 2012 and have excellent customer service they are Eu based
But always reply very quick to emails it’s invite only so you
Will need to mention my name when asking for free trial ‘ Mark’ when emailing

Hey @NordicOne, unable to PM you. Are you able to message me please?

sure thing! check ur inbox !

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would like to trial your service on firestick


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Hi any chance of a trial please



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Hi I have Samsung tv , could I sign up for trial Thankyou

@Spera check your pms! thanks!

Free Trial please for fire tv box thanx

check ur pm! thx! good day

hey, is it possible for a trial. thanks

hey check your pms! thanks will arrange.