Picture quality: 75” TV

Hi folks, looking for some advice please?

I’m looking at treating myself to a Black Friday 75” TV.

Does anyone have a view or experience on picture quality on a tv this size with FHD or HD channels? (My provider’s PQ are always good on my current 55” TV)

I sit approx 10 feet away from the screen.

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Try iptv.memorial
they do provide HD quality channels.

That wasn’t what I was asking.

I pmed you @Smileyman

Thanks for the advice @NordicOne :+1:t3:

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Wish I could advise but do not have any experience with a 75” TV. However, standing 10’ away from a 75” TV in Costco, I could only see it enhancing your viewing experience.

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@Smileyman you kind of get used to it. But I don’t think any provider will look amazing on 65"+. If you sit further then it’ll look better as expected.
I guess 4k streams hopefully make their way. I recently watched the premier league on Amazon Prime 4k, looked good. 1080p is still good not as crisp.

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Of course a lot of providers look ‘amazing’ on 65 inch+ ? All you need is 50+ fps stream and someone who offers 1080+ Streams. Also 4K Streams exist in streams today already.

If it was lower quality stream, 25 fps and less than 1080, the difference in picture quality will be more noticeable.

I’m watching myself on a 75" and it’s working fine unless you watch 720p content.