Picture quality: 75” TV

Hi folks, looking for some advice please?

I’m looking at treating myself to a Black Friday 75” TV.

Does anyone have a view or experience on picture quality on a tv this size with FHD or HD channels? (My provider’s PQ are always good on my current 55” TV)

I sit approx 10 feet away from the screen.

Try iptv.memorial
they do provide HD quality channels.

That wasn’t what I was asking.

I pmed you @Smileyman

Thanks for the advice @NordicOne :+1:t3:

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Wish I could advise but do not have any experience with a 75” TV. However, standing 10’ away from a 75” TV in Costco, I could only see it enhancing your viewing experience.

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@Smileyman you kind of get used to it. But I don’t think any provider will look amazing on 65"+. If you sit further then it’ll look better as expected.
I guess 4k streams hopefully make their way. I recently watched the premier league on Amazon Prime 4k, looked good. 1080p is still good not as crisp.

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Of course a lot of providers look ‘amazing’ on 65 inch+ ? All you need is 50+ fps stream and someone who offers 1080+ Streams. Also 4K Streams exist in streams today already.

If it was lower quality stream, 25 fps and less than 1080, the difference in picture quality will be more noticeable.