Premium Iptv big sale please read before asking


They will rise again soon, so grab a bargain while you can.

Those that made it in time well done & thank you.

standard (7)

standard (7)

The service is only available on the dedicated XCIPTV & Xtreme Neutro apps provided.

Free trials WILL NOT include sport.

NO M3U will be given out so please don’t ask.


Free trials. 1,6,& 12 hour

1 month 1 connection £10
3 months 1 connection £20
6 months 1 connection £25
12 months. 1 connection £30

Sports only package available
Entertainment only package available

standard (7)

Extra connections available on all packages.

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trial please mate on android .

have you bought a service yet? you have tried them all

Sent you a message with details👍

He has only been trialling since August :joy:
Maybe longer.

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Well I’m glad you like it sir :+1:

Doesn’t look like he has :joy:
Still searching :crazy_face:

hahahahhahahahahhaha!! lololo yes! love it

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£5 off of a 12 month subscription!!!
Now only £25.
Get 12 months for the price of 6 months :tada::tada::popcorn:
Limited time offer

Any catchup on your service especially UK channels ?

Sorry, I’m afraid not at the moment.

Ok thanks a lot for responding

I there can i have free trial please sir?

i have an android box with iptv smarters.



Hi Mark,
Thanks for your interest but as the post states,
The service is only available on the apps we provide.
If you are still interested then send me a message. :+1: