Prime Server Subscriptions - 3 Day Trials


Hi can i get a trial please


I would be interested in a trail. Would love to find an EPG that was accurate.


Live sports matches are in 60 FPS


I have a Zoomtak box. Can I run a trial on that?


If you can install android apps then yep unless it has its own app


Yes android apps can be installed. How do I sign up for a trial?
Many thanks for your help and advice


What is the name of your website?


Hi, How do I find out what channels you have?


What UK channels do you have and how do I access your website?


Please pm for more details.


Can I have a free trial please to try this out?


May I have a free trial, I have 4 providers (two MAG) and only one offer a great quality


How do I get the 3 day trial?


Trial please? Thank you


I have smart iptv app on Samsung tv can I try a 3 day trial thanks


I would be interested in the trial also,thanks.


Have you set up to be able to use a mag portal yet? And I would like to try a trial again also.


It always could be used by a mag…see pm


Can’t seem to pm. Would love a free trial.Ty.


hi! i am interested to test, can i get i trial, please? thanks!